Starting From Nothing

The act of creation is the most daunting and demanding task a person can undertake … in their mind.  If the fears, worries, unlikely scenarios that run through a person’s mind as they create something entirely new ever manifest themselves physically then I can remove “in their mind” from my opening statement.  Fortunately, all of the what-ifs, traps,  worries and dooms day lines of logic are safely lodged in the creators mind and the world is safe for the time being.  The personal demons that creators endure to create something new and/or useful is why I tend to gravitate towards creative people/movements/music/literature etc.  Generally, the creator has gone through some discomfort which can range from taking fifteen minutes longer to get to sleep to some actual soul tormenting introspection that leaves the person a shaken mass of doubt, and because of this, I am very comfortable using my time to appreciate the creation knowing that the creator has paid some unknown toll for their work.

Please keep this all in mind as I start my blog, creation is hard, it’s risky in a relative manner.  On the absolute risk scale it’s probably somewhere around peanut butter and jelly sandwich making (crunchy peanut butter only, strawberry jelly  or preserves, your choice) but in my mind, it’s much riskier, more like porcupine juggling or belly flopping off the high dive. Something that could be painful but not quite life threatening.  Why do I feel this?  My plan is to share my thoughts, my ideas, unsolicited, with the rest of the world.  My thoughts are my creations and I am now baring them to the world.  My personal turmoil isn’t due to differing opinions or ideas, I treasure this type of feedback; rather, I dread interacting with people who are bent on destroying ideas or the creators of the ideas.

Troll dread, no matter how large it looms in my mind, is not a reason to avoid trying to create something.  Internet trolls are basically evil acts perpetrated by people and bots.  Destroying something for the pure joy of destruction is a short working definition of evil in my highly abridged dictionary.  I believe I have the general gist of why people commit these acts … because it is easy.  Destroying something is a very, very easy thing to do.  Unfortunately, easy things are done way more often than hard things (a topic for another post) and so the acts of trolling geometrically grow while acts of creation remains a small-slope linear growth endeavor.  This blog is an attempt to ever so slightly bend the acts of creation growth curve … and make the world a better place.  I live in Silicon valley, we are legally bound to include phrases like “bend the curve” and “make the world a better place” into our day to day lives.

In the upcoming, undefined time frame that I write my thoughts into this blog, I am going to look at things I enjoy through the lens of the creation/destruction dichotomy.  Sports is a treasure trove for this dichotomy.  Lets look at Soccer managers, Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp are definitely creators while Jose Mourinho, Sam Allardyce, most Italian coaches are destructors.  Please note, there is plenty of success on both sides of the dichotomy so please don’t infer that I am going to argue creators are better than destructors or vice versa. My goal is to examine various things through a creation/destruction dichotomy and see what inferences I can evoke from this simple framework.  Currently, in my opinion, the balance of creators and desctructors in sports is crucial for the growth and innovation of the individual sport but that is a topic for another post.


3 thoughts on “Starting From Nothing

  1. This does hit home hard. As an author, I have faced internet trolls masquerading as ‘reviewers’ who are hell bent on destroying works, any work that doesn’t correspond to their tastes or worldviews. They would wound and attack something, picking it at like crows till it turns into a putrid carcass with its pink intestines bare to the world. I have seen countless of my author friends give up their dreams because of trolls and I-net bullies.

    The worst part is when the bullied turns into the bully. Like most instances of oppression, the ones being subjected to it are the ones who inflict upon others. Power and time are funny like that. Perhaps it’s the people. Either way, it is a joy to create. But we mustn’t turn into an aggressor in turn when that creation is mocked and ridiculed.

    Good luck in your ventures. Godspeed.


    1. Thanks for the comment. You bring up a great point about the bullied becoming the bully.

      My simple rule is treat others as I would want others to treat myself. Being bullied then bullying someone else doesn’t make anyone feel better and actually adds to the woes of the world instead of enhancing.

      Good luck with your endeavors!


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