Creative dark matter

While sitting on a cardio machine, pedaling, producing perspiration, my mind tends to wander into oxygen deprived streams of thought.  One of my more recent and amusange (amusing and strange, I’m all about creating new words, yo) forays into the backwaters of my brain was around creation and dark matter.  Before I start, I should provide some explanation around what I mean by dark matter.  I’m not referring to the Manson Family murders, drug addiction or Tottenham Hotspurs, things people usually call “a dark matter” I’m actually referring to a term that physicists use to describe the undetectable mass in the universe.  The observable universe has approximately 27% of its mass and energy composed of dark matter.  I don’t want to to turn this into a physics lecture but for those of you who are wondering why I include “and energy”in the previous sentence it is due to the fact that mass and energy are coupled through Einstein’s famed E(nergy)=m(ass) * c * c (speed of light squared) so in order to determine how much the universe weighs, you have to include energy as well.  I’ll stop here with the physics lecture and leave one more tidbit about dark matter: it’s existence is inferred and has yet to be directly measured … much like my blog posts.

Back to the wandering mind story, I had the phrase “you can’t get something from nothing” bubbling up into my consciousness.  My conscious mind, lets call my conscious mind “Henry”, less typing, immediately became aggressive towards this statement that bubbled out of my unconscious mind, lets call her “June”.  “Henry” pointed out that everything starts out as an idea and becomes tangible and, therefore, you CAN get something from nothing.  “June” countered by pointing out that the idea was SOMETHING and, therefore, you actually got something from something.  “Henry” and “June” went quiet at this point as if they were wrestling with a concept and, in a “jinx, you owe me a coke” moment, they both blurted out “Where did the idea come from then?”

At this moment, “Henry” and “June” started to collaborate.  It was poetry in motion watching the two hypothesize, reject, refine and deliberate.  The time for the cardio workout was dwindling down and the deprived oxygen state that was causing me to observe my conscious and unconscious mind as “Henry” and “June” would be nearing an ending point.  With the final seconds of the exercise program ticking away, “Henry” said he had an announcement. “We, “June” and I, both agree that ideas have to come from something and we both agree that something can’t come from nothing.  Now we have argued and debated various hypotheses and have come the most obvious solution: ideas come from dark matter.  Now, “June” and I will present our detailed findings …” and then the exercise program finished and oxygen returned to my system and “Henry” and “June” disappeared, leaving me with my unexplained amusange thoughts.

Thinking back about the idle thoughts I experienced while exercising, I could see how something as inane as “ideas come from dark matter” could provide a framework for a short story, or a novel or a video game, some form of art.  This realization made me smile as day dreaming, thinking silly things is a simple and enjoyable past time for me and if that is a starting stone for creation, perhaps creating new things isn’t that hard.  I don’t think this only applies to me, rather it applies to everybody.  Creative dark matter is everywhere and everyone can use it



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