Fear is a suckers game

I didn’t sleep well this past Tuesday night.  My stomach was all over the place, my mind was racing into some pretty dark areas.  I can’t recall something that happened in the macro world ever effecting me as much as the thought of Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States of America.  Serious business.  GW getting elected didn’t even register on the scale necessary to measure the impact of a Trump election on my being.  The feeling that plagued my body and mine Tuesday evening continued through Wednesday.  I didn’t want to see anybody, I didn’t want really do anything.  Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of replaying Fallout 3 (thanks Microsoft for the backwards compatibility on Xbox One!) and this reaaaaaly wasn’t helping.  Nothing like playing a post-apocalyptic game while you’re thinking about the impending apocalypse.  Sure, I could consider it getting in shape but it wasn’t helping the mood.

Finally, I got tired of the darkness, the despair and asked myself “What am I going through and why does it suck?”  After some introspection and clearing out a colony of feral ghouls, I realized I was experiencing fear.  You know what? Fear sucks.  Generally, fears are completely made up and something that will never happen.  Fear is an excuse.  Fear is a reason to stop using logic. Fear is a means to act irrationally and morally justify your irrational actions.  If you are afraid, nobody can question you.  What if the person who questions the fear was wrong?  Fear breeds more fear and, worst of all, fear breeds hate.  I don’t mean hate as in “I hate zucchini” but I mean hate as in a binary me or them action.  Ultimately, the only action that fear brings is destruction.  Fear is a suckers game as fear leads to nothing good.

Donald Trump got elected on fear (and promising things he could never deliver but all politicians do that)  Fear is a suckers game, nobody wins using fear.  The history of the world supports this over and over.  Trump won an election but he lost the means to do anything with his victory.  Fear doesn’t create, fear destroys and the path he has chosen to follow leads to failure.  I am not referring to the apocalypse (I did have those thoughts, though, to be honest) but the fact that he will be either impeached (over/under 24 months) or exit his four years as the most abysmal president in US history is not a successful destination to arrive.

I am done with my Trump induced fear, let me repeat, it’s a suckers game.  I’m looking forward and I see a lot of good things.  People are actually protesting a president elect’s election.  The California state legislature has already stated that they will do the right things with or without Federal aid, same with the city of Seattle.  The ACLU is fired up and ready as are many other agencies.  Our system of checks and balances ensures that the most egregious things won’t happen.  My main concern is for the minorities (when will people get off of sorting people by color? We’re not fricking skittles.  Completely useless activity segmenting by color) are still in a predicament.  They were in a predicament before Trump as the US was a passive-aggressive racist country but, post Trump, it’s just an aggressive racist country.  This isn’t a fear but, unfortunately, a reality.

Fear is a suckers game, don’t play.


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