Tilting at Windmills

I was forced, subjugated, strong-armed, clockwork oranged, whatever you want to call the process of forcing kids to listen to things they don’t want to hear at an early age, to listen to Broadway musical soundtracks by my parents.  Well, to be completely truthful, by my mom and, by the laws of parenting, by my dad.  I’m sure, without the fear of reprisal, my Dad would have punted on the musicals faster than a Jim Tomsula coached 49er team. If you aren’t sports person or remember the Jim Tomsula 49ers, the dude loved to punt.  The issue is that I am a card carrying member of the angry music enjoying nation (AMEN, represent!), and to my consternation, I can sing from memory way too many show tunes.  Way too many … too many.  It wasn’t all for nought as I discovered Guys and Dolls and that Marlon Brando was a lead in the Hollywood version.  Marlon Brando singing, it doesn’t get any more punk than that … in the context of a musical.  As I pondered the title to this post, Man of the La Mancha popped into my head and, instead of fighting, I decided to Judo the ear worm and use it to my advantage.  You’ll see when I actually start the post, I’ll point out the tie-ins when they happen.  Think of this paragraph like the directors cut where the director explains the scene while it plays except that you are reading and this is a post instead of a movie.  Exactly the same accept for those two things.  Oh, and I’m an author and the director is a director.  Everything else, just the same.

Truth seeking.The act of seeking truth.Something that I think about daily and, since the last election, something that I seem to be obsessing on.  Why do I think about truth seeking so much? Besides the obvious reason of, you know, finding the truth, the other reason is because it is difficult.  I like pitting my brain against difficult things and see if I can make them not difficult.  I thought it is time for me to record some of my thoughts and get them out of my head to clear room for more useful things like sports statistics or all the groovy things about my wife [Ed. Good usage, know your audience.] Without further delay and meanderings, here is a bullet point list in no particular order:

  • Truth seeking is a top tier ability that any manager has to exhibit in order to be successful.  Human nature when relaying information is to make good things sound great and bad things sound not as bad.  Both things aren’t helpful to a manager that has to make a decision based on the information provided.  Truth seeking is necessary to get the truthful state of things and enable optimal decision making.  This, by no means, is implying that people lie or are acting in a less than forthcoming way.  Giving bad news is hard and giving good news is meant to impress.  Truth seeking is not a punitive action, it is an action that is meant to get all interested parties on the same page when it comes to information and then make decisions from the common information platform.Truth seeking in an organization is difficult and often impossible. There’s a phrase that is more descriptive but it is eluding me at this time.
  • Truth seeking, in my opinion, is a key component of creation.  Writing, painting, mathematics, science, engineering, music, etc. is really fueled by truth seeking.  Truth seeking is something that is common to anybody who is setting out to create something no matter how big or small.  As I discussed in a previous post, creation is hard and, in my opinion, almost impossible without seeking some sort of truth.  It’s like that phrase that involves a lance and a horse that I can’t quite remember.
  • Truth seeking leads to personal growth.  If you apply truth seeking to yourself, you will be amazed at what you can learn and how you can grow as a person.  It’s easy to look at another person and catalog there strengths and weaknesses, it’s a completely different endeavor to apply the same process to yourself.  I mean TRUTHFULLY apply it to yourself.  It takes practice and, it’s difficult.  Compound the inherent difficulty with the vagaries of life and that can make truth seeking about yourself almost impossible, almost like … quilting at pinwheels.  No, that’s not it.  Jolting electric eels?  Doesn’t make sense in this context.  It’ll come to me.

Whenever I am given the opportunity, I strive to seek truth.  I have found that if you don’t deal with the truth, life become very difficult and just like tilting at windmills.  Hey, that’s it!  Just like tilting at windmills.


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