The host was ready to start the evening’s events.  The crowd had mingled, music with purpose was served and, from the hosts perspective, all things were in alignment.  With a voice enhanced by a subtle sound system, the host spoke.

“Welcome to the party, please look around and enjoy the sights and listen to the sounds.  I applaud each and every one of you for abiding by the party invitation request that all members wear a mask that conceals their true identity.  I am not wearing a mask, as is my wont as the party host, so I am what you see, your host.”

The host surveyed the room and thought he could feel the disdain and dismissal from the assembled masked party attendees.  He chuckled to himself, the known, no matter how grand, pales to the unknown.

“I have invited the esteemed group today to revel and enjoy each others company.  To aid and increase the evening’s enjoyment, I have devised a party game that, I am sure, will make tonight’s party memorable.  The game is something that should be taken seriously and all here will want to participate completely.”

Even with the masks, the host could feel the attention in the room sharpen as his last words were absorbed.  Nothing like a bold promise to capture people’s attention.

“There is a prize for winning tonight’s game, not just any prize but a prize that is pertinent to every single person in this room.  A prize that will change a life.  A prize that will bring immeasurable popularity, a prize that will separate the winner from the rest of society.”

The host stopped and let his words permeate the atmosphere in the room.

“In the room as I speak, I have assembled the individuals with the most social media presence in the world.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, I even included MySpace, when it came to determining the invitation list.”

The host waited for a chuckle from the crowd, a chuckle that did not appear.  Unconcerned, the host moved forward.



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